Planning For Retirement

Planning For Retirement

Over the years there has been a need for financial planning for retirement and for this you will need time to assess what your present monetary needs are and what you expect of the future. However, you do not have to worry because there are many types of financial plans for retirement, available to you.

Current events, like increase in the cost of energy and the ever-rising health care costs should always be considered. Though gas prices have been recently fluctuating, there is a possibility that they will go back up. Events like these can affect your financial planning for retirement, very rapidly. Because of this, careful planning should begin early and a good source of information is what you need.

In financial planning for retirement, it is important to bear in mind that a retirement plan is not just for your ideal future because the future may be less than ideal for you if things do not go according to your plans.

By starting early with financial planning for retirement, you have a great chance of being prepared for everything. Nowadays, it is much more convenient because retirement plans are now transferable from one employer to another. This actually allows you to continue to increase your retirement plan account even when you change jobs or careers.

When Social Security was passed during the 1930’s, people used to live for only 2 years after retirement. These days you can live 20 to 30 years after your retirement. The amount of savings that you need to comfortably retire considering major changes in lifestyle has become quite large.

For example, if your living costs today is $40,000 per year and you retire after 20 years, you will require at least $850,000 for the rest of your retirement. That is assuming that you are in good health and will have additional 20 years after retirement.

If you have $40,000 per year to live on and you have little to no debts at all, your finances will no doubt go farther than if you still have the same debt that you have now. By reducing your debts by the same amount that you save, you can double your retirement savings.

Discussions on financial planning for retirement will always touch on the topic of taxes. The money that you put in your retirement plan is pre-tax so that you will pay taxes on top of it when you get disbursements. There are heavy tax penalties if you withdraw funds from your retirement plans before reaching 60 years old. If possible, never make early withdrawals from your account. The idea of paying the tax penalties back is harder than it seems.

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